Travel smart - Green Travel

 TU Delft would like to invite you to consider your travel options and encourage you to take a train or a bus to your destination. To travel green is to make a simple choice to lessen your negative impact on the environment, on a given destination and on its local people. Individually you can make that change today to make a big difference tomorrow. Let's make an effort together!  

The European Commission's programme Erasmus+ which supports students wishing to study abroad also sees the importance of Green Travel. Erasmus + wants its participants to leave a positive impact and the smallest ecological footprint possible. They are introducing funding in the form of a 'top up' grant to students that travel sustainably within the Erasmus + programme. For more grant information please visit our Erasmus + Study or Internship pages. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas, Erasmus + published their own E-zine 'Go Green' It's definitely worth a read.

More detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the following websites: Wat is je CO2-voetafdruk? | Milieu Centraal and 

Why travel by train or bus? 

  • Sustainability: less CO2 consumption, less noise, a more energy-efficient way of travelling.      
  • Discover Europe: plan extra stops and see more of Europe than just Delft, your destination, and the sky. Turn your journey into a vacation and meet different people from diverse cultural backgrounds on the way. Let the adventure start at your doorstep!      
  • The Experience: enjoy slow travelling or take a night train. You can easily use the time on board to read, sleep, watch a movie and engage with fellow travellers     
  • Budget-wise: travelling by train or bus can be cheaper than by air, for example to cities like Berlin, Paris or Warsaw.  
  • Luggage Flexibility: fewer luggage restrictions apply to a bus or train; you could even take your bike on the train too. 

International trains to The Netherlands
Sustainable Accessibility of the Netherlands

For this reason, we're engaging in a fossil-free, circular and green enterprise, for and by everyone. In doing so, we contribute to the Paris Agreement and make a significant contribution to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

A mobile, accessible society contributes to a healthy and vibrant economy. Travelling by train is better for the environment than many other forms of transport. It also connects people and ensures social contact. NS is a leader in sustainable mobility and wishes to remain so. NS has a major impact on society in the Netherlands. Our travellers already travel in a climate-neutral manner through energy efficiency and the use of green energy, without CO2 emissions. 

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