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9th Conference on Physical Modelling in Coastal Engineering - Coastlab24

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In the coastal zone, many developments are taking place, with much attention to themes like:

  • Climate change impacts, adaptation, mitigation
  • Multifunctional and nature-inclusive designs
  • Development of ports and marine terminals
  • Wave, wind and tidal energy
  • Industrial outfalls

To cater for these developments continuous development in modelling capabilities is required, in topics such as:
Papers are welcomed on all the topics where the use of physical modelling and/or measurements to tackle coastal challenges plays a large role.

  • Coastal hydrodynamics, coastal processes
  • Coastal flooding, flood prevention, shore protection
  • Coastal and ocean structures, breakwaters, revetments
  • Scour, sediment transport, morphology
  • Wave-structure interactions, loading, response
  • Wave run-up and overtopping
  • Laboratory technologies, measurement systems
  • Synoptic measurement systems (e.g. laser scanning, imaging, motion tracking, Particle Image Velocimetry)

  • Coastal field measurement and monitoring
  • Wave synthesis, generation, and analysis
  • Scale effects and uncertainty analysis
  • Composite modelling and validation (physical, numerical, field, and AI)
  • Extreme events – assessment and mitigation
  • Tsunami hydrodynamics, impacts, and mitigation
  • Mixing, water quality
  • Physical modelling case studies
  • Navigation, ship motions

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