Lijm en Cultuur

Rotterdamseweg 272

2628 AT Delft

Tel. +31(0)15 2629400


Lijm en Cultuur - Monumental Site                                   

Coastlab24 will be held at the monumental site Lijm & Cultuur, the former gelatine factory of Delft. This industrial complex is used today for cultural festivals and activities, but in this case, it will be the location for Coastlab24. The historical buildings still have their original facades, creating a unique atmosphere right along the waterfront and right next to the TU Delft campus.


Lijm & Cultuur

In 1885, Jacob Cornelis van Marken – known for the Gist- en Spiritusfabriek and the Nederlandse Oliefabriek (NOF) – set up a Lijm- en Gelatine factory on the piece of land between the Rotterdamseweg and the Schie.

The factory withstood wars, crises, social changes and an explosion, but was forced to stop in 2002, partly due to the BSE crisis. Since 2003, however, a special transformation has been taking place on the site and in the remaining monumental buildings: from the production of gelatin and glue to the production of culture.

Now it is transformed into a centre for conferences and events. But it still has the looks from the past.


Rotterdamseweg 272, 2628 AT Delft


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